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Passion and creativity

My name is Lucia Albano I am an Accessory Designer and I live in Naples, city where I graduated in Business Administration. My passion for fashion took me to Milan where I took a first level Master's degree in "Accessory Design" at Polidesign. Certainly the economic studies, have greatly enriched my business skills, in fact they allow me to better manage the entrepreneurial aspect of my brand, taking care of the dynamics upstream and downstream of the production cycle of my creations.

The perfect accessory for every woman's look

Dove nasce l'idea

The added value is that I come from Naples, and my city is a volcano of ideas, colors and history, which inspire me every day to create, design, and put my ideas into practice.
My creations tell of the joy I put into creating, love, passion and attention to detail. I like to think that my clients wear something that comes from a careful and constant research.

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